Installation of M.A.P. - Multi Aster Photometry

This document should help you through the installation of M.A.P.

If you encounter problems, please let me know so that I can further finetune the document

How to get M.A.P. - Multi Aster Photometry ?

For the moment there is not yet a download place to be found on the web, you have to contact the author of the program : Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

In that way you will be on the mailing list and get automatically the next versions of M.A.P.


Some Instructions.

1. Once you get the zipfile, unzip it and place it on a disk. 

In the following examples it is placed at : C:\MAP

2. Install ASTAP and its D50 database : see next paragraph

3. Verify the settings in AstroPie.ini file

4. START the program : execute the .exe file. 

5. Start by making some stargroups : Create and/or Adapt a Star Group

6. Read the manuals, use the program and enjoy 


The name of the  exe file will typically contain a version number. If a new version is released, just copy that .exe file next to the original one. In that way if something would go totally wrong with the next version (Mr. Murphy is a good friend of mine), you still can use the previous one.


ASTAP : Plate solving software

To install ASTAP on your computer download it from :

You have to download also the D50 database, as explained on the website of ASTAP :

In the AstroPie.ini file there is a parameter that points to the directory where you have installed ASTAP.
This is the default location, adapt it in the astropie.ini file if necessary :
astap=C:\Program Files\astap

(see also next paragraph)

Default Values : AstroPie.ini

At delivery one file with the default values is included : AstroPie.ini
Inspect its contents via the Default Values screen accessible via the Dashboard
One can create others if one has more than one telescope/camera combination.

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